Customer Feedback

We value your patronage and feedback and your comments are extremely important to us.  Please take the time to fill out an electronic comment card.  Let us know how we have met your expectations or how we can improve our services.

** NAS Whiting Field is located in the Southeast Region **


Includes all aspects of the base swimming pool and aquatic programs.

Includes only the bowling program. To leave feedback on the Bowling Center Snack Bar, please see the Food & Beverage survey.

Clear Creek R.V. Park:
Includes the R.V. Park and, the bath house, and all associated facilities.

Community Recreation:
Includes Tickets & Travel, Whiting Park, Outdoor Recreation & Gear Issue, Picnic & Pavillion areas, Wiggly Field Dog Park, and our future Paintball Field.

Includes the Fitness Center, all fitness classes, all runs, the Archery Range, and all other fitness programs.

Food and Beverage:
Includes Mulligans Grill, South Field Snack Bar, North Field Snack Bar, Bowling Center Snack Bar, and the Tower Cafe.

Includes the Liberty Center and all programs sponsered by the Liberty Center.

Includes the Library programs that are currently operated from the Liberty Center.

Sports Programs:
Includes all MWR sport programs and events and all of the sports fields.

Thank You!