Red Cross Certified Learn to Swim Classes


All classes are Red Cross Certified Learn to Swim Classes. Classes will be held Monday-Thursday and Saturdays with one rain make up day per session if necessary.

Registration will be at the MWR Fitness Center with the course level to be chosen dependent upon the individuals need.  Children registered must be a dependent or a direct family member.  If your child has previously attended, please bring documentation to help in choosing the proper class.

----------------- REGISTRATION DATES  -----------------

20-26 May for Active Duty Only (Please Bring ID).

27 May and onward for all base personnel and retired military.


----------------- SWIM CLASS DESCRIPTIONS  -----------------

Parent/Child: 6 months-3 years of age (10 max students):

A set of basic skills that help prepare infants and young children to become comfortable in the water so they are willing and ready to learn to swim. It also provides parents with information and techniques to create safer aquatic experiences for their children. Skills that will be taught include: adjusting to the water environment; showing comfort maintaining a front or back position in the water (assisted or unassisted); and demonstrating breath control (blowing bubbles or voluntarily fully submerging underwater).

Preschool Aquatics: ages 4 and up (6 max students):

Level I - Water Exploration: Must be at least 3 years of age.

Level II - Primary Skills: Must be able to fully submerge face, supported float on front and back, blow bubbles, supported kick on front and back (5 yards).

Level III - Stroke Readiness: Must be able to retrieve object from bottom of pool, glide on front and back, rhythmic breathing, combined stoke front and back (5 yards).

Learn to Swim: ages 6 and up (6 max students):

Level I- Orient participants to the aquatic environment and to help them gain basic aquatic skills, participants start learning about how to be safe around the water.

Level II- Prerequisites: enter water independently, travel at least 5 yards, bob 5 times, then safely exit water. Glide on front at least 2 body lengths, roll to a back float for 5 seconds and recover to a vertical position (this part can be performed with or without assistance from the instructor). This level builds on the basic aquatic skills and water safety skills and concepts learned in level 1, participants begin to perform skills at a slightly more advanced level and begin gaining rudimentary propulsive skills on both the front and the back; this level marks the beginning of independent aquatic locomotion skills.

Level III- Prerequisites: step from side into chest deep water, push off the bottom, move into a treading or floating position for at least 15 seconds, swim on front and/or back for 5 body lengths, then exit the water, move into a back float for 15 seconds, roll to front then recover to a vertical position, push off and swim using combined arm and leg actions on front for 5 body lengths, roll to back, float for 15 seconds, roll to front then continue swimming for at least 5 body lengths. This level builds on skills learned in levels 1 and 2, participants learn to swim the front crawl and elementary backstroke at rudimentary proficiency levels, and are introduced to the scissors and dolphin kicks, participants learn the survival float and increase the time duration for treading water. On successful completion for level 3, participants have achieved basic water competency in a pool environment.

Adult Group Swim Lessons-17 years of age and up. (6 max students):

The Adult Beginner classes focus on participants who have very little or no swimming experience and may be fearful or uncomfortable in the water of any depth. The course will provide instruction in basic water skills including comfortable entry, submersion, floating, breathing techniques, and an introduction to basic swim strokes. The course is intended to help the participant gain confidence and self-reliance in the water.


----------------- SWIM CLASS PRICES -----------------

Military, Civilian/Retired personnel Parent and child aquatics 30.00
Preschool aquatics: 50.00
Learn to swim: 50.00
Adult Group Swim lesson classes 17 years of age and up (Active Duty Free): 50.00


----------------- SWIM CLASS SCHEDULES -----------------

• Parent and child aquatics 1030-1100
SESSION 1: June 8, 15, 22, 29 (Saturdays)
SESSION 2: July 6, 13, 20, 27 (Saturdays)
SESSION 3: August 3, 10, 17, 24 (Saturdays)

-----------------     -----------------     -----------------     -----------------

• Preschool aquatics level 1- 1200-1230
• Preschool aquatics level 2- 1300-1330
• Preschool aquatics level 3- 1400-1430

SESSION 1: June17th -27th (Mon-Thurs)
SESSION 2: July 8th -18th (Mon-Thurs)
SESSION 3: July 29th –August 8th (Mon-Thurs)

-----------------     -----------------     -----------------     -----------------

• Learn to swim level 1- 0800-0845
• Learn to swim level 2- 0900-0945
• Learn to swim level 3- 1000-1045

SESSION 1: June17th -27th (Mon-Thurs)
SESSION 2: July 8th -18th (Mon-Thurs)
SESSION 3: July 29th –August 8th (Mon-Thurs)

-----------------     -----------------     -----------------     -----------------

• Adult Group Swim lessons Saturdays by appointment only