Our Liberty Program is housed within Airdales Recreation Center.

Airdales is a convenient hub for all Community Recreation and Liberty Services - Outdoor Equipment Rental, Tickets and Travel and Family Programs. After years of planning and coordination their indestructibley built bowling lanes underwent a major transformation. The 11,000 square foot facility houses: Interlinked Big Boy Game Boxes, Massage Chairs, Billiards, ShuffleBoard, Foosball, and Air Hockey games. There's a huge climbing jungle for kids and a massive movie room with stadium seating and Bose surround sound. Beautifully appointed furnishings attop durable carpeting are surrounded in a palette of pleasing colors which adorn the walls. The Team even commissioned a local graffiti artist who created custom splashey art for an incredible focal point. A dining location to satisfy the appetites of the installation will be coming soon to fill the well appointed kitchen. All of this and a state of the art multi-purpose room befit with collaboration and brainstorming tools along with high speed wi-fi and teleconference capabilities. Congratulations to the team at Mighty Whiting who continue to cut the path to provide the pinnacle of service for our military community.

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