Marketing, Sponsorship and Advertising
Located in Building 1417, this office is the information center for the MWR Department. The Marketing Director is the point of contact for sponsorship, special events, and command briefs. 

MWR can provide your organization with a unique opportunity to market your company and its product and services to an exclusive military population. Both direct advertising opportunities and event sponsorship provide your organization with a full promotional mix to gain exposure and potential market share. Commercial sponsorship and advertising is an authorized way for Navy MWR activities to offset the cost of programs and services. Sponsorship is received in the form of in-kind services and financial support in exchange for public recognition, advertising consideration and/or product promotion at MWR events. All revenues generated through sponsorship help improve the quality of life of Sailors and family members at Naval Air Station Whiting Field.


What is Whiting Field MWR Commercial Advertising?
The Navy’s MWR Commercial Advertising Program generates revenue for Naval Air Station Whiting Field's military community through MWR activities and programs. MWR Commercial Advertisers are guaranteed promotion of their products, services, and businesses within the military community.

Ways of Advertising your business through MWR…

1. Our Website
The Whiting Field MWR website is the gateway for everything MWR. We provide and update all of our activities, programs, and events daily. With over 8,000 hits per month, the official Whiting Field MWR website is a great place to have your business recognized.


2. Our Newsletter
Our monthly publication The Beacon is our base MWR Newsletter that gets distributed throughout the naval base. Each month the Newsletter is distributed via email and posted to our Navy MWR Whiting Field web page and on our Facebook (5,000+ followers).


3. Signage
Our advertising opportunities allow you to use a variety of mediums such as banners, posters and digital displays. 



The MWR Commercial Sponsorship Program is an opportunity for a business to become a part of a Navy MWR event or program by paying a monetary and/or in-kind fee to increase their brand awareness. Through partnership we can help you directly target the military market with direct brand exposure and access to the 21,000 eligible personnel including Sailors and their families living and working in the Whiting Field Community. Your business will gain exposure through print publications, website advertising, event publicity, as well as on-site event placement through merchandising & product displays. Sponsorship is a great way to launch new products by offering coupons and samples at events and establishing brand awareness among the Whiting Field Military Community. Customized sponsorship & advertising packages are available for your unique needs.

What’s in it for you?

  • Getting your business message delivered on base to Whiting Field Sailors and their Families, while supporting the MWR Quality of Life programs, is a win-win situation. MWR Sponsorship shows your support through direct contact with our military.
  • Provides brand visibility at events through signage, event programs, displays, sampling & more.
  • Provides recognition through public news releases, radio commercials, on-site announcements & other promotional opportunities.
  • Direct access to the hard-to-reach military market.
  • Maximum exposure and visibility for your products and services through advertising, radio giveaways, and special promotions.

Click the image below to view the FY24 Naval Region Southeast Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities publication.


NRSE Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities FY24


MWR Advertising Rates and Locations

For MWR Program Managers, please use this form for marketing requests.