Jogging and Biking Trails

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The installation will be alternating the closure of the North and South Field Running Trails. South Field closes as of Sunday, Sept 1. The North Field October 1 etc… this will continue to alternate until the Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) prevention program (BASH) efforts are complete.  

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Over 8 1/2 miles of jogging, biking and hiking areas are available at NAS Whiting Field.  Ranging from our 1/4 mile track around the football field to our scenic Nature Trail and boardwalk over Clear Creek.  You're sure to find an outdoor workout area to suite your needs.  Strategically placed water stations along the trails ensure users have access to fresh water to help maintain proper hydration.

Sports Complex Track: Our lighted track is 400 meters around, as measured in Lane 1; that’s just a bit less than one-quarter of a mile.  Most runners travel counterclockwise on the track, to avoid collisions, you should too. Here are some other measurements that are helpful to know:

  • 100 meters: the length of one straightaway
  • 800 meters: roughly ½ mile or 2 laps around the track
  • 1600 meters: roughly 1 mile or 4 laps around the track

Clear Creek Nature Trail: A beautiful one and a half mile loop along a forested trail with kiosks guiding you along the way highlighting the native flora and fauna.  Picnic areas are located at the trail head which is located just past our Clear Creek R.V. Park next to a restroom facility and our Disc Golf Course.  A wood boardwalk over Clear Creek at the midway point offers a spectacular observation experience for the native pitcher plants found there.

Dahlinger Jogging and Biking Trail: A three and a half mile loop includes bridges over ponds and glimpses of koi fish, some of which are over 40 years old.  In the future we hope to include fitness stations and another Disc Golf course along the way.

You’ll find that Mother Nature has provided scenic views and dense wooded greenspace to encourage you along your route through our trails.  A map of our trails is available to download and keep handy to find your way around.