Archery Range

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Our MWR Archery Range is located on USS Intrepid Road just next to the Catch and Release Ponds. Archery Safety Cards can be obtained from the Fitness Center and are required for all personnel using the range. After reading a quick set of rules, a test consisting of 15 questions is administered.

Warning: Bows and arrows are considered weapons and are not normally allowed on the installation. When entering onto NAS Whiting Field, patrons must declare to the security official that they have bows and arrows in their possession. Patrons will be required to show the MWR Archery Range Safety card prior to entry. Patrons that do not possess the card will not be able to gain access aboard the installation while in possession of Bow and Arrows.

The following types of equipment are authorized to be used on the MWR Archery Range:

Recurve Bows

Compound Bows

Long Bows

Field Tip Arrows only


The Following are not authorized to be used on the MWR Archery Range:



Broadhead Arrows


A variety of targets from 3-D to stand-alone.
Stand-alone targets are set at separations of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards.
3-D targets are set at a variety of challenging distances.

Eligible Patrons: Active Duty Personnel, Military Retirees, Active Duty Family Members, Military Retiree Family Members, DOD Civilians