Unit Allocation

The Unit Allocation Form is used by Commands to request recreational unit funds for Command sponsored activities. IAW with CNIC Instruction 1710.3 Section 205 states: A command's annual unit recreation fund allocation is calculated at a standard rate of $10 per assigned military member per year.

Only those active duty military personnel who have been assigned or attached to a command for 30 days or more will be eligible for credit and support. Mobile units are eligible for such support only for the period during which the unit participates as a member of the MWR fund. Expenditures by participating units should be recreational in nature and in accordance with this instruction.

REGCOMs/Installation COs or OIC of tenant commands should request funds in writing from the region/installation MWR program manager, along with a listing of all assigned military members. Funds can be requested quarterly.

Please download the following forms: Unit Allocation Fund Request, On-Board Count for Unit Recreation Fund and the Designation of Unit Recreation Fund  (URF) Authorized Personnel and return them to the NAS Whiting Field MWR Administration Office located in Building 1417 Room 147.