6 vs 6 Soccer

6 vs 6 Soccer

Get Ready for the Ultimate 6v6 Soccer Showdown! Join the Action Wednesday Evenings at the Sports Complex!

Are you ready to showcase your soccer skills, teamwork, and competitive spirit? Look no further! We're thrilled to introduce the 3-Week 6v6 Soccer Tournament, happening on Wednesdays, November 15, November 29, and December 9 at your favorite Sports Complex!

What to Expect: 6v6 Soccer Matches, Fast-Paced Action, Nail-Biting Goals, Glorious Victories

Tournament Details:
Dates: Three Wednesdays, November 15, November 29, and December 9
Time: 5:30PM Kickoff
Venue: Your Beloved Sports Complex

 Don't Miss Out! Connect with our Sports Coordinator Todd Mooneyham for all the insider information, registration details, and more! Get your team ready to compete and make this tournament an unforgettable soccer experience.

Contact the Sports Coordinator NOW at 850-623-7412

Get your game face on, bring your A-game, and let's make these Wednesday evenings unforgettable on the soccer field. We'll see you there!