Chopped at OLF's

Chopped at OLF's

Chopped Cooking Challenge

Date and Time: Tuesday, March 7 – Friday, March 11

Location: 12 x Outlying Landing Field’s

Description: Our version of the popular TV series is a timed culinary challenge to see who can stand the heat of the kitchen! Each OLF will compete as a team and work together to complete a Chopped challenge. Each team will be given a basket including mystery ingredients and access to a pantry with additional items available for use. The teams must cook a dish using all of the mystery ingredients in the basket. All baskets will feature the same mystery ingredients in this challenge. Each team will have one hour and twenty minutes to complete the challenge. The teams will complete three plates in the allotted time limit. Once time has expired, judges will critique dishes based on presentation, taste, and creativity. The winning OLF team will be awarded a prize and bragging rights.


Provided: Prizes, Cooking Ingredients, Kitchen Utensils, Mixing Bowl, Basket