The MWR "Whiting Warriors Paintball" Facility offers intense competition in an ever-changing course of obstacles.  The game area is situated in the netted enclosure next to Mulligans Grill with bleacher seating under a covered spectator area.  The entire course is nearly 1,000 feet long and subdivided into two zones of play.  Inflatable obstacles fill one zone and the other features an eclectic collection of derelicts to assist the players in making their marks on the other guys!

All the equipment needed for play is included in the $10 entrance fee.  This includes all safety equipment and the paintball marker and the compressed air needed to propel the paintballs.  Paintballs must be purchased on site on the day of play in bags of 500 and cases of 2,000 and may not be returned or used for future play.

Personally owned paintball markers are allowed after an equipment certification procedure has been completed.  The player receives a 'Safety Card' which is required in order to allow personally owned paintball markers on base.