Dinnie Stone Challenge

Dinnie Stone Challenge

Unleash Your Inner Strongman with the MWR Dinnie Stone Challenge!

Calling all MWR patrons! Are you ready to test your strength and grit against a legendary challenge? This February, we're bringing you the Dinnie Stone Challenge, a chance to channel the spirit of Scottish strongman Donald Dinnie.

History in Your Hands:

The Dinnie Stones are two massive granite boulders, weighing a combined 332 kg (733 lbs). Legend has it that Donald Dinnie, a stonemason from Aberdeenshire, carried these stones across the Potarch Bridge in 1860, a feat that remained unmatched for over a century!

Your Moment of Glory:

This February, you have the chance to etch your name in MWR history. Step up to the challenge and attempt to:

  • Lift: Can you raise both stones off the ground and hold them for two seconds?
  • Carry: Walk as far as you can with the stones in a farmer's walk style, just like Donald Dinnie himself!

Open to All, Glory for the Few:

This challenge is open to all MWR patrons, regardless of fitness level. Give it your best shot and see how far you can push your limits. Remember, even attempting the Dinnie Stones is a victory in itself!

Conquer and Be Crowned:

All successful challengers will receive a commemorative certificate, a testament to your strength and determination. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your courage, channel your inner strongman, and take on the Dinnie Stone Challenge this February!

The Challenge Runs Throughout February:

Participate any day throughout the month and let's see who emerges as the strongest MWR patron!

Share Your Victory:

Don't forget to share your Dinnie Stone Challenge experience on social media using #MWRDinnieStones. We want to see your grit and determination!

**Let the games begin! **

Call us for more information at the Fitness Center 850-623-7412.